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France is going to stop people from bringing plastic bottles into stadiums. This is to protect the players and the staff from getting sick from them.

French stadiums will no longer be able to sell or carry plastic bottles starting in July 2022, the French government said Thursday.

The move is part of a plan to keep fans from fighting with players or staff on the pitch during games.

Putting the measure into place today is possible if clubs want to do so. Ministers of interior, justice and sport said in a statement that clubs can start doing this today, if they want. It also said that the French Football Federation wants to use the rule for the next match of the national team, which is coming up soon.

Ministers agreed that when a player or referee is hurt on the field by a projectile from the stands, as a rule, the match in question will be called off.

It also says that clubs must do things like put up netting in the stands to keep projectiles from being thrown on the field from stands.

This will be added to the rules of the Professional Football League, so it will become part of them. The League will also conduct a review of video surveillance systems at stadiums to find and punish “troublemakers” at games, the statement said.

If someone tries to get flares or fireworks into a sports arena or use them there, they could be fined on the spot by a police officer, the statement said.

Projectiles have been thrown on to the field during high-level sporting events in France in the last few months, and this has caused a lot of bad press.

When Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar took a corner kick at a match in Marseille in October, the picture went viral. Stewards used riot shields to protect him.